Samsung un46c6300

I have a un46c6300.
My DVR box fro Cox has dvi->hdmi and component out.
Obviously I want to use the dvi->hdmi connect but it does not carry audio.
The video is magnificent!
If if use just the audio component connections in addition to dvi, I get no sound.
None. Zip. Zero.
It seems the audio in over-rides the use of the dvi->hdmi connection.

What are my options?
A home theater system to run audio to speakers but let video go to the TV?
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  1. Try contacting COX and see if they have a replacement DVR box with native HDMI out.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Tried that. No luck.
    "Maybe in the future".
  3. Are you plugging in the audio from the box to the "pc audio" jack using the supplied rca-to-mini dongle?
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