Should I Mylar Over Scoop Repairs?

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I just repaired scoop holes on both a GNR and an AFM. I followed
Shaggy's / Allen's (TC) techniques.

I used Devcon to rebuild and shape the holes.
I repainted the area with acrylic paints.
I spot clear-coated with spray varathane.
I have installed Kerry's hole protectors in each.

My concern is how durable is the varathane that is on top of the
playfield covering my touchups, and do I need to install mylar over
this as well for protection? The repairs look great and I want them to
stay that way.

These games will only be in the home as part of a large collection, so
they will not get beaten to death playwise. I would tend to put down
the mylar, but I read a post horror story about freezing mylar off of a
similarly varathaned area having totally ruined (cracked) the
varathane. Should this be a concern for me? I certainly do not plan
on having to remove mylar in home use, but I hate doing anything that
is potentially irreversible.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    On AFMs, I wrap the corners in front of the "I" target with mylar, but
    the pfs are clearcoated. Easy to get the mylar back off.
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    I mylar any areas I touch up so if you have an area repaired, I would
    do so. Can not hurt.
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    I use locktite brush on glue. I brush it over the area, sand it down
    with some 2000 grit sandpaper and it looks awsome and smooth. Holds up
    very well.
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