who makes good headphones?

I would like to buy some head phones for when im playing games,music etc.I dont know much about headphones im looking for something within the 100-150 range or around there preferably less.if anyone has any links or could give me some direction it would be greatly appreciated.

athlon 64/msik8n neo2 plat/corsair twinx1024-3200/
thermalright120mm heatsink,fan/wd 74gig raptor and 250gig/audigy2/logitechz-5500,mx1000laserwkeyboard
22inch mitsubishi mon
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  1. http://salestores1.com/sehddyauhewi.html

    Sennheiser HD-590s.

    They are $250 retail. They have a FR curve that starts up and then slowly curves down. It's very similar to what the "optimal" speaker should sound like, although their highs aren't as tame as a normal speaker tweeter would be.

    The ear coverings are very large and fit around your ears instead of over, so they are very comfortable for long hours.
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