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Hi guys, been looking at the samsung T240HD and the ASUS VW266H and is wondering between these two, which ahs the better quality in terms of long lastingness. I ask this because my old samsung LCD is having issues approx 6 months out of its warranty of around 2 years with it trying to display pictures for 10-20 minutes by switching between different shades of black until it finally kicks in after that when it idle for too long (or first power up for the day). So I wanted to know which of the two I listed (and others that can be found in canada for a reasonable price, guess TN for me lol) has the better lasting quality?

All my needs are 1920*1200, a good response time for games (sub 10 ms?), and would like something with a good long life (5 yr+ would be ideal, with warranty or without it but good brand rep), I don' need things like the TV tuner or even HDMI (but that would be nice, in case if I wanted to grab a cheap console or something).
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  1. It is practically impossible to predict how long a monitor will last.
  2. Ok, how about brands and warranty services (not limited to asus and samsung)? All I see are 1-3 year warranties and I wonder are there 5 year warranties? Lifetime? Also what is the quality of the warranty services of the major brands like return time and willingness to actually replace something if broken deep into the warranty?

  3. The high-end NEC monitors "WUXi" series have 4 year warranties. Priced at over $1,000.

    Eizo LCD monitors have 5 year warranties and are even more expensive than NEC.
  4. Jewebs, they don't sound like TN panels no more!!

    Are TN panels doomed to a 3 yr warranty and a good chance of them dying after the warranty is up for they are designed as cheap parts?
  5. Part of the reason why the NEC and Eizo monitor are expensive is because of the fact that they offer longer than average warranty. The longer the warranty the higher the potential cost to the company because of product liability.

    Product life is really unpredictable. Even expensive monitors can die within a year or two.

    I can say that my 19" Planar PX191 from 2002/2003 still works to this day. That was my primary monitor until November 2007 when I bought my 26" NEC LCD2690WUXi. That's 4 - 5 years, well outside it's 3 year warranty period. Then again, I paid $650 for it back then which was about $100 more than the average 19" LCD monitor with a S-PVA panel.
  6. is the $100 dollar more due to where you shop, or due to actual quality?

    If so, then what is a good quality TN panel lol?
  7. I've had great luck with Dell monitors - I have one that's going on 6 years old, and is still going strong.
  8. theholylancer said:
    is the $100 dollar more due to where you shop, or due to actual quality?

    If so, then what is a good quality TN panel lol?

    A couple of reasons:

    1. Lowest price I've found on the web (actually on sale at Dell).
    2. Back then Planar had a ZERO dead pixel return policy stated on their website.
    3. Replacement monitor sent via Fedex 2-day. You send back the defective monitor in the pre-paid box the replacement came in. There is no cost at all.
    4. Quality too. The stand allows for a full range of movement as well as pivot.
  9. Ok, how are dell monitors? For the exact reason of dead pixel (and the loose definition of returns) I want to buy local, but if that doesn't work, if Dell is willing to cover a monitor with just 1 dead pixel and has a canadian warehouse and I don't need to ship to cali, then I'm willing to buy.

    If not, then it has to be something local ( to toronto that I can go out, buy, hook up, check for dead pixel, and then if anything is wrong, return and get another.
  10. Only brand that may cover 1 dead pixel is Planar if you deal with the right customer service person based on user comments I've read over the years. This only applies to their PX line of monitor (top of the line).

    NEC and Eizo may also cover 1 dead pixel if you deal with the right customer service person. But those monitors are even more expensive.

    No one has an official "Zero Dead" pixel policy anymore, because of the relatively high cost of replacement and lower profit margins of an "open box item".
  11. OK guess going local is all I can then...

    so, anyone willing to go through canada computers or (hopefully not, since the ones I saw were a gen or two old.......) or (same story) or w/e places in canada that sells monitor and see which one would be a good buy? A ton of these monitors have little or no review (like the T240HD or ASUS VW266H that I saw...)
  12. Dell's Ultrasharp line has what they call their premium panel guarantee - it allows for replacement with a single dead pixel within the warranty period. The 2408 is a great choice, and is on sale right now too.
  13. woah is anything with something like that guaranteed near 500 USD?? on their site for home is 480 USD, and nvm CAD prices...
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