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Hello I have a weird prob with my WD1200JB hard drive. In short the WinXP device manager reports that current transfer mode is PIO ?!?! (and the performance suffers sufficiently to match this setting), while requested transfer mode is "DMA if available".

My config is:
Asus P4C800 motherboard
Prim IDE: master->WD1200JB slave->Seagate ST330620A
Sec IDE: master->Plextor CD-RW PX-W1610A slave->Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-7500.

According to BIOS the two HDDs are Ultra DMA 5 compatible, the DVD is Ultra DMA 2 compatible and the Plextor is PIO only. Everything but the WD HDD works (according to the Device Manager) the same as its compatibility. Namely the Seagate->UDMA5, the Plextor->PIO, the Hitachi->UDMA2.

I have tried disconnecting the Seagate and keeping WD on the prim IDE on its own (Windows are in WD), but zilch. Windows still reports it in PIO mode. Then I tried to set the DMA mode of the HDD manually from within BIOS to UDMA5. Again nothing. Finally i tried disconnecting the only PIO device in my system, the Plextor (in case the sec IDE affected the primary ??). Guess the result.

I also tried finding new drivers for the motherboard and the HDD, but I couldn't find anything useful in the ASUS and Western Digital sites.

Any ideas would be more than welcome.

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  1. Try a new IDE ATA 100 cable..

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  2. Jumpers on the WD HDD, once you removed the Seagate did you reset the WD jumpers to the way it was shipped to you, WD HDDs are very particular to the way the jumpers are set!

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  3. Did you install the "Intel INF Update" that came with the motherboard CD?

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  4. The prob was solved eventually by putting the HDDs in IDE sec and the CDs in IDE pri. Go figure...

    Thanks for the help anyhow.

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