HTPC + Samsung TV Led UE40B6000 + HT-SW1R: help for HDMI audio

Good morning all, I'm a proud owner of Samsung UE40B6000 TV Led + Samsung HD-SW1R (Audio system). Actually they're linked together through S/PDIF cable and I can use some usefull functions like auto-power on/down on TV power, and that's cool.

I've already bought a CAM for Digital TV here in Italy, but I want to link an HTPC to view some Blu-Ray disks and get more stuff with a PC. And here probably is getting harder...

I'm assembling this

Case: Silverstone LC-16 with VFD
OS. : Windows 7 Ultimate
Mo.Bo.: Foxconn GM33
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
Ram: 3GB Kingston / Corsair
Audio: Creative X-FI Titanium 7.1 + S/PDIF in/out
Graphic Card (not definitive): Nvidia Geforce 8500GT DVI + Vga
Lettore Blu-Ray: LG
Hard Disk: 80Gb (system only) + 1 TB (archiving)

Now, my question is: how to avoid to unlink TV and Audio Bar and use HTPC for a full HD sound through this system?

TV Connectivity:

- 4 x HDMI
- 1 x mini-scart (with adapter)
- 1 x RCA IN + composite IN
- 1 x DVI IN
- 1 x Jack 3.5" audio IN (tagged as PC IN)
- 1 x USB (reserved for photo/video playback)

Audio Bar connectivity:

- 1 x S/PDIF IN
- 1 x jack 3.5 audio IN (not better specified)

Can I do something through this system hardware or I need something different like an ATI Video Card with HDMI audio onboard to send directly to TV? This is quite annoying becouse I've bought an acceptable audio card to avoid that... but can be done... keeping an eye on system noise becouse it is a living room HTPC :)

Every advise is welcome!
Thank you all!
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  1. Hi lovelord. Do you already have all those computer parts you listed?
  2. Supe_ said:
    Hi lovelord. Do you already have all those computer parts you listed?

    Hi, yes, I've got all these parts from an "old" computer got last year. This morning I've changed my GPU with a brand new ATI HD 4350 with HDMI , so probably (i think) best thing I could do is to send audio through HDMI directly to TV and set encoding on audio bar system to PASS (no encoding) , or I could try something more in your opinion?

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