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I am in the market to purchase a laptop. I do graphics, photography, web authoring, and some gaming. I have been looking at the i7 chip as I think in the long run I will be more satisfied. I have several options and I usually find myself in the "gaming machine" area. In addition, I am a bit unsure about the screen size and resolution. Clear images are very important and I have been looking at the NP8690 and the NP8760. They both offer the FHD 1920 x 1080 Glossy. I have heard that the screen can be difficult to view and may cause eye strain. One is on a 15.6" screen and the other 17" screen. Both i7-720QM. They are both essentially the same with the exception of the screen size and resolution choices. Any opinions would be appreciated.
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  1. I own a Sager NP9280 which has the 17" glossy screen and it is no problem for 'glare'. It would only be a problem outdoors or in very bright areas/bad viewing angles. Most laptops being released now have the glossy screens either way.

    If I were you I would go to a store and look at a 15.6" and 17" laptop. If the 17" is worth the extra money to you, get that one.

    The machine's GPU will obviously handle graphics, photography, etc., and I'm sure you'll find the i7 a nice CPU to keep you running smoothly for some time to come.
  2. Thank you for your post regarding the questions about the screen. I am up in the air about screen size. Is the 17" laptop as difficult to handle as some make it out to be. The larger screen seems that it might be nice to have. I am looking at the 8760 or 8690. The only real difference is the screen size. I dont plan on travelling with it however that will happen from time to time. I have looked at the laptop screens and the difference is about laptop size and weight. Many people feel the smaller screen would be better yet I continue to lean towards the 8760 screen. Wish I could afford the NP9280 but I am not sure I can stretch myself that far. If I can I would. How do you like your Sager overall? Did you order from Sager or from a company that sells them like xoticpc or agearnotebook ? I want to get the best I can....instead of settling for less. Thanks for your input.
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