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I have one of those fake branded TVs that are made in China. My brand is WANSA and i'm not sure who the main manufacturer is, but this brand sold Kuwait only as far as I know, maybe India as well (via export).

anyway, the max res is 720p, and as far as I know there is no "game mode" that some TVs have to increase the refresh rate.

the main problem I have is when connecting my PS3 and playing a game such as PES (soccer game). Whenever the camera pans horizontally there appears to be jerkiness. Also, when I played Final Fantasy 13...there was this same jerkiness as well as what looked like tearing (like running a game on PC with no v-sync).

would this be caused by a bad cable connection (HDMI), or just a crappy set?
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  1. Does the sync readout on the tv tell you if it's running in PAL, DVB or NTSC?
  2. yes it does it tells me that it is running in NTSC for my Asia region games
    I made another topic that includes the horizontal and vertical frequencies provided by the TV manual for PAL/NTSC HDMI modes/resolutions if that helps.

    I've decided to just try another HDMI cable...because I did some testing by manually setting the PS3 resolutions to 480p/720p/1080p (i shouldn't even be able to support 1080p...don't know why its showing up...TV should be a max of 720p!) and the problem persists. However when I switch to Red/Yellow/White standard cables games run full speed but colors look bad (as expected)
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