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Canon Digital Camcoder

I have a Canon digital video camcoder pal MVX3i,but last few weeks my camera there is no power supply coming when we connected to the power. so can u pls. suggest any repairing centre here ate Dubai or what is the problem. how can we solve this.
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    Did you check the AC Adapter for functionality? Plug it in and connect voltmeter probes at the output end to check the voltage coming out. The manual will tell you what this voltage should be. And, the output voltage will be clearly marked on the AC Adapter.
  2. We used to check with another adapter, which is the volt required for camera. but still having the same problem (power not coming to the camera). If you can tell the reason or solve the problem. pls. help me.
  3. ..... (power not coming to the camera) .... means that there is a problem upstream. The only component upstream is the AC Adapter.
  4. Please try to understand our problem, we already checked with another adapter and also show to the shop and they checked with two three adapter. But still the same problem. "power not coming to the camera". So we cannot open the castes. So kindly reply
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    I understand what I read, not what is on your mind!

    If a known good adapter is used and plugged into the camera, and the camera does not power ON, it means that there is a problem with the camera. It could be something as simple as a bad switch, or something more complicated withing the camera electronics.

    Take it to a camera repair shop or ship it to Canon for repair.
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