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Hi, recently I hard a HD failure, and had to replace my Seagate 750Gb with a Western Digital. There was lots of corrupt music and video, but my brother managed to retrive almost all by writing byte by byte any files (quicker than windows copy, and seemingly more successful when encountering CRC errors etc). Even BAD files were re-created, tested and ok.

I've compared my itunes library to the * mp3/m4a/wav media and am still coming it at ~ 900 short. There's no CRC errors on the new files, but by very long process of elimination, I've spotted a handful of MP3s that are not being added.

The files themselves won't even play in VLC/WMP etc. VBRfix reports the "free bitrate" in use is unsupported.

Is there a way of even just FINDING these files? I can start trying to replace them. I've tried searching in Windows Explorer and sorting by bitrate (BAD files have no bitrate info? ) but XP just dies after a couple of minutes, even with a sub folder.

Any help much appreciated!!!



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  1. Not that I am aware of.

    I had a similar issue, but with large video files (1.3GB+) on a failing hard drive. Interestingly, I can play them (at least the ones I tested) from beginning to end with no issues. However, copying them to a good hard drive resulted in CRC errors.

    I am baffled, but fortunately I have backups for most of them. For the ones that I don't have a backup of, I will simply re-encode.
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