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Hello, I am trying to use 3 monitors. I am using a Radeon 6950 for 2 of my monitors and using on board 3300 Radeon for my third however I cant get them to all work now. They were working fine until this morning. Ive got an error in device man now saying windows could not start the device to some problem (43). Any advice? Im using the newest catalyst but amd says I need 12.6 for my 3300 and 12.8 for my 6950.
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  1. Did you update something recently. Maybe a system restore will fix the issue if it had been previously working.
  2. Ill try sys restore, give me a few mins
  3. Still the same issue. Any other ideas?
  4. Try resolving the issue with the one in device manager. Maybe uninstalling it and reinstalling. Usually onboard is disabled when using discrete gpu, but you had it working. Maybe something has now disabled the onboard?
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