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What do you think of purchasing a HP 1010 printer? I have a lot of toner for that printer. Thanks, R :hello:
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  1. It's an odd approach to choosing a printer but entirely logical given that some toner cartridges cost nearly as much as a new printer.

    I'm in a similar position -- I have a couple of small horrid Kyocera printers which I feel obliged to use because I was given several toner cartridges which fit them.

    I occasionally glance longingly at the much faster and more reliable big Kyocera that these displaced.
  2. Thanks so much for your response. Yes, odd approach but prior to my arrival someone ordered 29 wrong toners that can't be returned, so I feel I need to use them up. Large group of people, some do not need speed ;) R
  3. The 1010 is a fast low end fax/printer, but worth the look. http://goo.gl/75bkm
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