Insignia HD Digital Camcorder as Web Cam or Security Cam?

I just got a Insignia® - 5.0MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder with 3" Swivel LCD Screen. I was wondering if there is anyway I could hook this to my PC running XP and use it as a webcam to chat with others or anyway to hook it up to my PC and leave it running recording so I can view it from work while it's at home running on my home pc acting as a security camera?

I have pets and I want to put it in their room running in the day while I'm gone so when I'm at work I can see them. Any possible way?
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  1. I'm Wondering the EXACT same thing. But I don't see any living souls on this website.
  2. so did you guys ever figure it out? i wanted to do it too!
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