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I have a scientific atlantic top box that I want to use in second bedroom. I own this box...however I rent another box from our current cable provider...anyway... when i hook this box up....i get a message stating that this box is not to i get around that
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  1. call the cable company and give them the identification numbers of the box.

    sometimes the cable company will make you pay a small fee to allow more than one box being functional.
    i have seen a lot of this concept lately.
    from flyers in the mail to specific advertisements or commercials.

    seems like..
    if you have only one room with a television, you dont have to worry about a 'whole house fee'
    i think it boils down to the fact that there is going to be more bandwidth activity from your house because of the other boxes.
    because of that activity, it could be like increasing your internet speed.
    increasing the speed only a little bit, but changing the modulation technique that could come at the cost of increased processor usage somewhere on the cable company's hardware.

    one way to think of it might be like this..
    if you have one box that requires 50mbit/s for high definition video (audio included)
    then two boxes means you need one of these two options:
    1. boost the speed to 100mbit/s
    2. boost the speed to say 75mbit/s and change the modulation technique.

    if the cable company is sending you 100mbit/s already.. and you only use 50mbit/s .. then when you pay the monthly fee, you are paying for the bandwidth used (or to say, you are paying for the bandwidth sent to the cable company from the box)
    to say that you have the bandwidth sitting there.. that doesnt necessarily mean you are using it all (or using always)
    if you were using it all.. then your response times would be lower.
    the box could be locked to a specific ping response time.. and that means you are locked into a bracket of speed, despite being given more bandwidth.
  2. it is hard saying with this sort of thing , as to what is and isn't possible at a first thought to most people it's a cable box , but to be more precise it is a digital cable box for all we know there could be some digital validation code that is sent with programming or as part of programming to allow acess to programming . think about it some one has some control over this device from a remote location to what exact level , your guess is as good as mine but to some level, i have directv and don't have a phone line connected, i order a ppv movie or am late on my bill and service is interrupted. nobody came out to do those things with my directv it was someone far away sitting at a desk . i think we might be surprised or little bit creep-ed out if we were to learn to full capability of some of these devices out there.
    any how your best bet to resolve this is your cable company . there's some food for thought
  3. use another provider for our internet sevices...this box is just to expand what i can get directly from the cable...and to improve my picture..
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