Windows Updates fail and making computer unbareable

I have reformatted my computer about 6 times in the last week with Windows 64 bit Upgrade for Vista version. Every time I download the updates half of them fail or I can't choose them manually I get the shutdown option to install updates. Now for 112 updates yesterday it took a good 12 hours to install. After installation my computer was useless. Just doing the small task of clicking the start up took maybe 10 minutes to show then forget trying to choose a program.

Now that I have reformatted again and chose the option to not install any updates my computer is running like new. I don't think I have SP1 says my build is 6.1 Build 7600. So should I install SP1 before I bother with any updates? Ugh scared to update because right now if my comp. just stayed like this I may not even bother buying a new one.
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  1. i read your other posts about this issue... what version of Windows is it, and what exactly is the upgrade to?
  2. Hi :)

    If its taking 12 hours to try and install updates, you may have a crashed hard drive...

    Run a hard drive test in DOS first...HIRENS CD etc...

    All the best Brett :)
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