How to install digital tuner in a dvr

i have a Phillips HDD & DVR Player/Recorder, I now have comcast triple play and the only way I can get the DVR to record anything is by putting it on channel 3 and the comcast box on the channel i want to record. before the comcast box, the dvr was able to record what ever channel i had programed it to record. is there any way around this? can you install a digital tuner in the dvr and if so would that help? I pretty much have a $300.00 dvr that I cannot use properly. thanks
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  1. If your DVR has a cablecard slot, return the set top box to Comcast for a cablecard. With Comcast switching to digital and encrypting everything except the low-end channels, there's not much you can do without some sort of Comcast device.

    -Wolf sends
  2. The DVR should have come with an infrared blinky to tape onto the face of the cable box. There is a little setup involved on the Philips, but you can do it - that way the DVR can tune the cable box for you, and you'll have the functionality you're wanting. The real bummer is that your high-def channels will show up extra-extra letterboxed sometimes.
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