Quiet Static/Hiss from Surround Speakers - Common?


I've noticed that a set of Surround Sound speakers I've had emit a very faint, soft hissing sound when I'm within 1 foot or less of the speaker, and only if the room is silent. The hissing sound remains constant no matter what the volume level is set to.

I'm curious as to whether or not all speakers will emit at least some level of audible static/hiss? Knowing this will help me decide if I want to pursue any solution to remove interference, get better wires, etc.

Thank you
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  1. Comes down to the circuit design and quality of the components.

    I have an old hifi amp running through wideband hifi speakers (the B&W DM2 which includes the ITT Supertweeter) where you cannot tell if they are on with the volume control turned nearly right up, without a signal input.
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