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Hello,which is best dell laptop to buy with the best graphics and HD resolution. in addition to that it should have great speed.
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  1. This is a tough decision. The Crossfire 5870's in the Alienware M17x provides the best graphics. The Covet Precision M6500 only has a Quadro FX 5000M but has a better screen, 16GB of RAM, 3 256GB SSD's and a FIPS fingerprint reader. I didn't go with the 32GB RAM option because it will delay your shipment date. Even so, I personally think the Precision looks better and would go with that. Maybe you can provide more information on what you really need?
  2. A budget is a good starting point.
  3. i third that as well, with a budget we got a better idea of what we can suggest u ;) cheers
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