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Create your own account. select a user name and password. This will put
you on the mailing list of new products....

This way only those who want emails will get them

ClassicArcades Inc.
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    By creating an account, you can see your order history - track an
    order - Check out the newsletter and many other great features.

    ClassicArcades Inc.
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    I registered. Seems really slow however. I also looked at it from work
    today and it seemed slow at work also. Anyone else find it to be slow?
    I have a 4Mb cable line so that shouldn't give much of a bottleneck.

    Those words through everything is also very distracting to me. I found
    it hard to focus on the item I was interested with.

    Finally, I was wondering if there was a way to pick a button that says,
    "View all decals" so that I can "browse" and "window shop."

    Hope this doesn't sound like a big gripe session but you said you
    wanted to hear our comments. :)

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