I have an HP Probook 4510s. It suddenly stopped working

My Hp Probook 4510 and it stopped charging. I thought it was the jack where it plugs into computer. I took it to somebody to fix it and when I called to check on it, he said it was the power cord was bad and it was now charging. I went to pick it up and he plugged it in to show me that it was working but it now was not charging. He had turned laptop on and so I put in the password and it went to my desktop. He told me to leave it for him to check out. Couple hours later he called and told me the motherboard was no good. Would it have powered up if it was bad? There was nothing else wrong with laptop and was running good.
Could he have done something to it when he opened laptop up again? or is this common problem?
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  1. It may be an intermittent fault in the charging circuit on the motherboard.

    I have a Dell that has a similar problem -- it starts to charge and then stops charging after 5 minutes or so. Fortunately it runs okay on the mains and the battery fits another Dell model which I can use to recharge it.
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