Black screen error enter system password in laptop dell n1050

Team please do help me out...I have purchased a new i3 dell laptop model N1050 two months back. It shows an error ENTER SYSTEM PASSWORD and screen in completely blank and when I enter the password thrice it shows Invalid Password and gets switched off..I haven't entered any such password.
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  1. Hi,

    Check the following steps to fix black screen error:

    Pause on the ‘Power’ button

    Hold on the ‘Power’ button for at least 30 seconds, after taking out your system’s battery and removing its AC adapter cord.

    Reconnect your laptop

    Once you hold on the ‘Power’ button for 30 seconds, reconnect your laptop to the wall power as pausing on the power button drains any static electricity causing the black screen.

    Replace the battery

    Mostly, a worn out battery causes the black screen of your laptop. You should replace it with a newer one.

    Get more help to fix dell black screen error:

    Hope this helps you.
  2. Im not sure how suggesting replacing a worn out battery on a new laptop will solve a bios-set password.
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