SONY FW and new FW590 specifically, does it support DDR3 and DDR2

Sony has a new FW590 model out. Does anyone know if the FW and that one specifically supports DDR3 memory? It only ships with DDR2 now. But if it ships with the P7450 2.13mhz CPU that runs at 1gighz bus (?) speed, I would like to use DDR3 in the future in place of the shipped DDR2 800 speed that comes with it.
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  1. DDR2 slots are not compatible with DDR3 ones.

    There's no real performance difference between the two anyway.
  2. So I was thinking of buying a Sony CW model as follows: P7450 processor, 14" led, 320gig 5400rpm, 4gig ddr3 1066, gt 230m 512 meg graphics versus the
    FW model: P7450, lcd, 320gig 7200rpm, 4gig ddr2 800, ATI 4650 512 or maybe 1gig graphics ..both with blu ray....for under 900 bucks delivered including tax and you think that I will not notice a diff on memory and therfore would be better off with faster drive and better graphics card? I will tell you after seeing the CW at BB recently I am now leaning towards the FW which brought me to the original question on memory speed. Your reply confirms what I think I read about the memory size and slot in the card probably forcing that incompatibility.
    Which of the 2 would you recomment of the above? I plan on using mainly for Bluray playing on a plasma as well as web downloads and playing of movies and such from websites.
    Also is there a reliability issue with the 7200rpm disks versus the 5400rpm disks and if I am correct Sony uses Seagagtes but that is only a guess.
    Thanks for your opinion
  3. The FW will perform better, but the difference will be too small to tell. It will have lower battery life, though. Are the screen resolutions the same?

    There's no reliability issue between the two drives; if you get a dud, you get a dud, whether 7200 or 5400 RPM.
  4. The CW is the typical 1368 x 768 while the FW has 1200 x 900 noting the sizes were 14" and 15.6" differences too accordingly.

    While I am at ? it worth to upgrade to a 500gig drive 7200rpm from the 320gig for a cost of $50 more? And/or is it worth upgrading the FWs ATI to 1gig instead of the 512mb memory? If 4650 is not worth it maybe I am better off upgrading the drive instead by applying the cost difference to the larger drive noting gaming is not my primary use of the laptop at all but I could not rule running some in the future. My primary goal is BluRay movie playing and fed into my Pani plasma and movie or video web downloads/streaming.

    Also would you know by chance how one can get the laptop 5.1 sound the graphics card supports (and on the 4650 I think a 7.1) split out from the headphone jack (via some splitter or conversion method) to one of the digital coax or RCA jacks into my receiver that I intentionally bought at the time without HDMI port switching. I don't think conversion to Optical is possible for obvious reasons but maybe an HDMI switch 1 in + HDMI and/or Optical Out?
    I have ample optical and digital coax inputs on the receiver. I know some TVs pass thru the sound (from my HDMI feed) but I think my Panasonic P54V10 plasma model only passes thru optical out of 2.1 channel and not the full 5.1 if I recall correctly form their web site but have not found to confirm in my Pani manual.

    Thanks again for your opinion....trying to be ready for choosing the best deal that comes my way next BF. I have looked at HPs too but the pricing is higher. Luckily Sony has a company related discount as well as free blu ray with free ship.....and maybe by BF more/higher discounts.
  5. $50 is fair for a 500GB drive, if you need the space.

    1GB of video memory isn't needed with this system with this low of a resolution, even if you were to play games. 512MB is more than enough.

    You cannout output 5.1 audio through the headphone jack, as that is analog and can only carry 2 channels. You need to check if the notebook has a digital audio output. If it does, it will be in a 3.5mm version, and you'll have to buy (or make) an adapter to work with a standard coaxial cable.

    The GPU may or may not allow you to output audio through the HDMI connection, but if it does, your receiver should be able to use that just fine.
  6. So 512 on graphics is fine even if HDMI is used to 1080p hi def hookup to tv and not just speaking relative to the laptop monitor?
    I believe sound is passed thru HDMI. I don't have HDMI in my reciever so your idea of the 3.5mm conversion to digital coax is my only way if the 3.5 exists. I reviewed the cards at this web site, but will recheck the ATI web site and their contact to ensure that sound goes thru the HDMI cause if it does not I will be upset:

    In summary you still think FW is still the better model configuration?
    the FW with 500gb 7200rpm, 4gig ddr2, 512mg hd4650 graphics, 15.6" lcd 1200x900, P7450 cpu 2.13mhz cpu with 1066 bus
    the CW with 320gig 5400rpm, 4gig ddr3, 512 GT230M graphics, 14" led 1368x768 and P7450 2.13mhz cpu with 1066 bus

    Thanks again. Tony
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