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I have both an ATI USB Wonder and ATI USB TV Wonder Pro PCI, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to use the video input from either of these as a "webcam" for MSN Messenger. I happen to have a digital camera that has video output capability, but no webcam. Both tuners will show up under the "audio-video setup" and I can get picture, but when I go to "webcam settings" to select and activate the tuner as a webcam, neither will show up. I am using WinXP Pro, and the bundled drivers for both TV tuners since I can't seem to get the newer ones from ATI's site to install.

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  1. This would help many folks and I hope someone more experienced than me can help. I am thinking of a similar setup though, TV tuner card/capture card and video camera that plugs in the video in of the capture card. I am actually asking for the purpose of video surveillance but I believe that some program allow you to "Capture" and stream from any video source however if they are specifically for webcams they may be actually looking for a brand or USB connected Cam. Man I remember when I was in University that I had 3 -4 free programs that allowed us to use our webcams (crap back then) to talk via the internet. THe quality was so bad LOL> I thus tried to use a Matrox capture card with my then regular cam corder. I got incredible video quality but what I learned was that most if not all my programs would NOT find my source connected to the video capture card. The programs would insist on looking for a 3com or Logitech or creative camera on the USB or parallel port.

    Maybe there is a way around it.. i never figured it out.
  2. Remember the X10 camera stuff?

    Well, it really works, and works well.

    One part of the setup is a transmitter with a camera attached, and the other part is a receiver, which could be connected to video in on your computer which has a capture card with composit video in port.

    The video is usually on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth (like WiFi, cordless phones, and microwave ovens).

    Anyway, check out the X10. Alternately, Radio Shack might have something similar, as I say a setup there about a year ago.
  3. Has anyone got anything on this?

    I'm curious to see if there are programs that I can send my tv tuner output as my webcam...

  4. I remember once that I was instant messaging with a webcam with a guy from Australia and he was able to show his home videos through the ICQ. I watched the waves breaking on the shore in his backyard.

    I think that, if your IM can pick up the video source, in this case your TV tuner, then you should be able to send that TV through the particular IM that you are using.

    For instance, I have a miniDV camcorder which I use for video conferencing with MSM Messenger. I can put a miniDV tape in the camcorder and run that in MSM Messenger.

    I can not do that with Yahoo Messenger. It is a driver issue.

    With MSM Messenger, I can pickup TV from my Hauppauge PVR 250MCE tuner. And, it can be seen by whomever is on the other side of the video conference.

    So, if your MSN Mesenger can see your TV tuner, you should be able to send the TV program.

    Is this what you want to do?
  5. That is exactly what i was looking for! i currently have an ati usb tuner, but can't seem to get msn to accept that as my source.
    MSN can recognize it and I can select it as my source but when I try to use the tuner as my video source, msn either says no webcam or defaults to the webcam.

    maybe i need a hauppage card. did you load any special drivers. or maybe the tuner won't 'tune' and can only be a capture source...

    thanks for giving me hope!
  6. WHen setting up camera settings in your IM program, isn't your capture card listed? I think it works with my AIW, but you don't have access to any of the tv controls while it's running. You have to set up the channel and volume in MMC first, shut it down, and then broadcast it.
  7. use webcamDV and ur DV camera will work as a webcam, no tv cards needed. and you can broadcast tv channels without a video camera. on yahoo messenger when you start webcam ur tv card will be listed and if u select it then it will broadcast the channel that is tuned.
  8. sorry, had a brain fart. try eyeball chat. i think it support digital camcorders via firewire. and I think it connect to the big 3 im networks.
  9. for some reason, MSN always defaults to my webcam and if i unplug it, I can't start a video conversation...
    I can see teh tuner output in the AV Setup screen... so I don't know what else I have to do.
  10. I had similar problems with my Trust digital camera .. In specifications it said it implements functions of photo-aparat , webcam , dictaphone and camera .

    so I tried to hook it with MSN and in the end I menaged to do it somehow...

    you must play with the options in MSN , and NOT TO FORGET TO ENCRASE BRIGHTNESS IN THE OPTIONS!

    thats very important.
  11. Sorry to bring back this old thread, but is there any way I could use my AverMeida Hybrid Volar USB dongle as a webcam?
  12. All you need is webcam software to grab the video and make it a webcam, i do it everyday. It can play movies off your drive, of liek you want from tv tuner card.

    I use

    Anything like that 1 theres many fere ones to liek

    Many Cam-

    etc etc :)

  13. the way around it is... manycam and amcap use the amcap to select the avi stream then use manycam desktop over the cam screen then select manycam as the main source for broadcasting it works way better if u have an extra monitor hooked up with extended display settings... and for the other people download wmm2.6 vista run on win 7 then important part get copy of old wmm from xp version and paste it over the 2.6 version in programs x(86) say yet to replace do as many times as it askd then your all set... old fashion wmm running on win 7 with capture from video device
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