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Preassembled(OEM) or assembling pc yourself is better??

Always wondered about this....pls clarify my query// :bounce:
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  1. Obviously you own a computer at the moment and have opened the case occasionally. Well, that's all I'd done when I built my first about 20 years ago.

    Though the tech is more complex there's much more info available so it balances out about the same.

    Cost wise, it's usually been more expensive to build your own due to buying parts retail where assemblers buy them wholesale -- and of course you'll specify better stuff than they do.
  2. so pre-assembled pc's are cheaper?? i dont think so
  3. take a look at a build sheet for a Dell or HP
    and match the parts piece by piece and
    on a budget system the OEMs win
    They buy 100000s of PSUs,GPUs etc at a time
    Now if your building a higher end system then
    you can do better than an OEM
    If you compare a fully loaded Dell XPS (high end OEM gaming system)
    for the same money you could put together a better system
    BUT no way on a low end budget system can you match an OEM
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    For me personally I like to buy high end business class OEM towers used and upgrade them.
    For example I have:
    Dell Optiplex 745
    2.4 Core2Duo
    2gb ram
    250gb Barracuda
    Ati HD4650 1gb OCd
    Asus Xonard DG PCI soundcard
    total cost after selling old system parts
    is $75
    WinTV USB TV tuner - $5 yard sale
    HP Laser All in one Black and White printer - $35 secondhand store
    HP Officejet All in one w/ card reader - $0 supposedly broken :)
    Viewsonic 22inch 1080p HD 2ms response - $90 Used came with DVI
    Samsung Syncmaster LCD secondary display - $40
    Creative T4400 surround sound - Free on Craigslist
    total cost for everything - $245
    system works nice
    Great office system
    mainly MSoffice,photoshop,multimedia and light gaming system
    BUT I wouldnt buy a brand new budget or high end OEM since they lose value quickly
    if I wanted to go all out I would build my own
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