Cant hear sub out of reciever threw computer.

I currently have my pioneer receiver (vsx-519v) ran threw my computer. on board sound 5.1 asus p6t deulxe. my problem is when i play mp3s it will only play out of my front left and front right speakers and not threw my sub. i know mp3s are "sterio" sound and not full dolby 5.1 but shouldnt my sub be playing? my receiver is ran threw the multi-in function. sounds great on bluray movies but mp3s is a killer. any1 know what this could be?
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  1. It depends on your receiver settings. If you set your main speakers to "Small" and then set the sub crossover (probably to 60-80Hz, but it will depend on your speakers), you should be able to hear the sub. I'm not familiar with your specific receiver, but this should give you a general idea.
  2. everything is set to small and the xover is at 80. still no sub with mp3s.
  3. problem fixed. my dumb a** didnt realize i had digital out on my mobo. just hooked that up and everything is great! thanks for the help tho guys!
  4. I'm glad you were able to get it working.
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