Comcast -- Different Channels on separate boxes in same house?

We currently have three televisions in our house, two of which are connected via comcast cable boxes and one that is connected by a DTA.

Originally, when the techs came by, the main TV (we'll call it A) was the only one connected with an actual cable box and not just an adapter. A few days later, I traded one of the DTAs in for a cable box for TV B, and now I'm noticing that B is getting far more channels than A, including HBO.

I'm hesitant to call comcast, because I'd hate for them to realize a mistake and take away the excess channels...

But my question is, if I'm getting so many channels on B, shouldn't I technically be able to get the same channels on A? Same house...all one plan...

Not sure what's going on, here. Hope that was clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You have one cable line coming into your house. Somewhere near that entry point is a splitter that splits off cable lines throughout the rest of the house. My guess is that on or somewhere near that splitter, a line filter is installed. This is what's causing different channels line-ups in different rooms.

    -Wolf sends
  2. So is there anything I can do to have the same, extended line up on TV A? Or for that matter, is it possible to switch the line ups between the two televisions?
  3. It would seem reasonable that the splitter and filter are accessible somewhere in your home. Find that and you should be able to figure out where each line goes. Then it's just a matter of moving the filter from one line to the other.

    -Wolf sends
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