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i have a big problem with my computer, there is no sound coming out of my speakers. The speakers are well connected and they are on but nothing is coming out. i've been trying to fix it but it seems that there is no hope to revive the sound! :'-(( What can i do? I wanna try to fix before bying a new soundcard.
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  1. Is that an onboard sound card or a PCI one? Installed drivers?

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  2. have you tried turning the volume up with the windows sound manager? or maybe the mute has been pressed? maybe the lead is faulty. if its an onboard soundcard, has it been disabled in bios? try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. try getting the most up to date driver set for the sound card. this might sound obvious, but is the soundcard connectted to the right input on the amp/output on the soundcard? and is the correct aux selected on the amp? try a different amp and/or lead.
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