How to re-enable a laptop keyboard

I connected an external keyboard to an old laptop, now that I have disconnected the external one, when I type, the 'i' becomes a 5 and same happens for many other keys on the right. Only when I use the ext keyboard can I type correctly.

The laptop is an old fujitsu siemens,how can I get the laptop to type properly independantly...Thanks
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  1. This Fujitsu, does it have a Japanese keyboard?

    You can also try running System Restore, and go back to a point before you connected the external keyboard.
  2. well, since u have an old laptop i dont know if this would work on urs
    but try holding down the ''Fn" key near the bottom left corner and pressing down "F11"
    That should do it
  3. If your keyboard doesn't have a number pad, try pressing the NUM LOCK key on your keyboard.
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