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What is the minimum computer system needed to replace my fios cable box? I dont want to record any programs nor use a TV card. Just receive the signal from the internet and display it via my receiver/HDMI to my 46 inch HDTV in as high a resolution as it is available, you know, from the website. My TV can display 1080p, as can my receiver. I just want the computer to be as capable as the rest of the system. I hope my question is clear. Thank you
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  1. For a HTPC you really don't need much. A dual core processor will work as will any of the newer I3, I5, I7 processors.
    For the Graphics card my ATI X1950 worked but for BluRay you'll want an 8 or 9 series Gforce, a HD 4000 or 5000 series ATI card or a Intel G45b or above.(Make sure it has a HDMI or DVI output.
    1-2 gb ram as well.
    Bottom line is find an old computer upgrade the video card and memory.
  2. Thanks, mhelm, for your quick, concise and relatively complete reply. I guess I'll go shopping and check back with y'all to make sure I have what I need. Thanks again.
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