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I have a HTC PDA which we use out in the field to do buisness on and actuly get the signiture on the PDA. The letters on PDA are extremly small. We are using windows 6.1 on the PDA and I would like to be able to plug in the PDA to a lap top or note book with a USB cable to have a full size keyboard and be able to read the same information on the much bigger screen and hopefully also capture their signature. Is this possible and what type note book will do this?
Hope this is possible!
Thanks, Walt
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  1. It depends on the software used to capture the signature. What is it exactly? Usually one can tether a windows mobile device to a windows based pc through windows mobility center to transfer files, music, photos, etc... But I am unsure of what would be required to do so for your specific program to capture signatures. You would best be served by contacting the manufacturer of the program you use to get the signatures. They could potentially tell you what you need or if they even make a dual program for an x86 based PC.
  2. The software is exclusive to Primerica agents only. We use it to write life sales, morgages, investments and many more products. If need be we can still sign on the PDA, but would really like to be able to type in the application with a full size keyboard and a screen I can read. Redfly has a note book that is a screen and keyboard only that works with the software on our PDA's. Vary limited!! I would like to combine the two with a notebook computor or laptop if possible.
    Thanks, Walt Beermann
  3. Not sure if you can make it work this way but check out Sideshow from Microsoft. Will allow you to send to a 2nd device like a PDA or cellphone. You may want to build a Windows 7 test system and perhaps use the various compatibility modes till you find one that will run the application.
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