3d HTPC help needed....

Looking to put together a budget htpc that I can use to output 3d for a Viewsonic 6531w projector.

I will need a slot to put a Avertv HD DVR Capture card in.

And I will need one of these graphics cards for the 3d


What budget mobo, ram, etc can I use to get this going? Thanks!

Would something like http://www.technooutlet.com/sed651.html work to put a geforce 200 series graphics card and that capture card in?
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  1. Ummm..... read user posts in the following link before even considering purchasing this device...

  2. Here a current thread at nVidia's forum...


    Looks like it's not ready for prime time... I mean 3D.....

    Exercise caution when purchasing this lovely paperweight.
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