Acer H233H Problem

I Just bought a Acer H233H 5ms LCD Monitor from so i just got it today and it seems not to be starting up (first time) is there a problem with that??? could it be a Dead Mobo? pls reply

Thank You
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  1. There could be multiple reasons for a pc not to start up with a new motherboard.

    You need to provide more info.

    Connected hardware, PSU, RAM, GPU, CPU, HDD.... details.

    Beeps, Lights, Sounds and even smells sometimes.

    What have you tried?

    As nice as it would be to look at your PC and be able to tell you what the problem might be, we can't, so specifics are important.
  2. Edited out post
  3. Sorry couldn't edit the above posts.... Hmph.

    I assumed your PC wouldn't start when you said dead mobo.

    I assume the only thing that isn't working is the monitor? And the PC runs fine (as far as you can tell).

    How is it connected to your pc? and is there another pc you can trial it out on to rule out a faulty monitor?
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