How can I fix this problem?

Every time I try to download anything, the program is run and scan, but then I get the following message C:\Users\Norma\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\TemporaryInternetFiles\Content.IE5\PGMJR3MO\WinZipRegistryOptimizer.exe I was trying to download a program to fix my registry at the time. My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv1000 Serial # CNF4451DGQ Product # PM0554UA#ABA and I guess it original had XP & upgraded to Window 7. It has PCI Modem Driver missing or outdated & video card driver also is not working. I don't know if these 2 items are causing the problem.
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  1. try using a different web browser until you can get things sorted out. They make redistributable installers for Chrome and firefox so you can DL it on a different computer, but install it to yours.

    Then do the general first few things that you should do when you find a problem:
    1) full virus scan
    2) full malwarebytes scan
    3) run CCleaner's cleaner and registry cleaner
    4) take an asprin and sleep on it :D

    Let us know if that fixes anything
  2. I believe an outdated driver is kicking around...
    Try updating your drivers
  3. I agree with CaedenV, do those things and after those are done go directly to winzip's page so you can make sure you are getting the program directly from them.
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