TV component and satellite box with composite issue.

I have a TV with component connection and a satellite box with composite connection. The cable I am using is your basic composite (yellow, red, white). If I use this hookup, should it work? The problem I'm having right now is that the TV only seems to play in black and white. The satellite box is an Armed Forces Network (AFN) box and only has the composite connection.
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  1. No, yellow red white is left spkr, right spkr, and yellow is video
    red green blu are all video.
  2. From the box I had red, white, and yellow in their corresponding plugs. On the TV I had red and white audio plugged in red and white audio, and the yellow was plugged in green slot that had a Y next to it.
  3. Ignore the last post!
    You have video but in black and white. The composite should be in color.
    Is it possibly an adjustment that needs to be made to tv.
    If you have a DVD player with composite can you see if that shows in color?
    At least you'll know if it's the TV or sat box.
  4. I have the exact same model TV in a different room and it is hooked to a DVD player, plays just fine. The connections, however, are different. The DVD player has a component connection just like the TV.
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