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We are finding a problem connecting my sons XBox to the internet. Our ISP is Talk Talk. We changed ISP provider at the beginning of July, up until then we have had no problems. I have contacted Talk Talk who have assured me that the fault must be with the XBox itself. We have tried a fix as suggested on the XBox support website to no avail. Originally our router was a Netgear G type and now it is a D-Link n type router. The XBox recognizes and connects to the router with no problem, but will not connect to the internet. Is this new router causing the connection problem?
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  1. from what you said.. it does appear the d-link router is the problem.
    maybe you have to log into the router and changed some settings to allow the xbox to communicate with the internet.

    that is what routers are supposed to do.
    they say who can and cannot access the internet.
    it is supposed to be for input and output.
    it is an input/output BLOCKER
    (yes.. you can also connect more than one computer to the internet)

    you could connect two computers to the internet with a gateway IF the internet service provider was willing to specifically say which computer gets what data.
    because a gateway is the opposite of a router.
    the router says what packet of data goes to which computer.
    a gateway says what connection does each computer connect to (like a router) but there is nothing that says which computer gets what data packet.

    if a router was like a cable splitter.
    there would be one input and two outputs.

    if a gateway was like a cable splitter.
    there would be two inputs and one output.
    (unless the gateway allows you to program more than one output)

    when you log into the router.. you will see some detailed types of connections and connection methods.
    it is pretty easy.
    you can take each 'feature' and search it in google to find out what it does.
    that is how you know what needs to be enabled and what needs to be blocked.
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