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Hey everyone, I am looking for some new speakers. I am not an audiophile or anything like that and my ears aren't that attuned to great sound, but I am looking for some decent speakers that will last me for a while.

Here are some one's I've been looking in to:

M-Audio AV 40

Logitech Z 2300

Klipsch Pro media 2.1

Those are the basic three. I don't know a lot about speakers but I would like some honest reviews and comments please.

With the M-Audio, does it matter that they do not have a separate bass?

The basic use for the speakers is nearly everything from TV, movies, gaming, and music. But as I said I don't have a great ear for things but I would like to get the best quality one.

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  1. In my opinion nothing beats a separate amp and bookshelf speakers.

    Preferably an old Japanese stereo amp of a genuine 20-30 watts RMS and some European (I use KEF, B&W) or neutral sounding US speakers like AR.

    I think my PC monitoring system cost about $30 at flea markets and is vastly better than the plastic Chinese made PC type powered speakers (Altec, Yamaha) I previously used.
  2. I'm not really looking to build a set, I'm currently in school right now and I'd like something that isn't as crappy as my creative inspire 2.1 set. I'm really looking for the best quality product that has some longevity.
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    Out of those, the M-audio will be the clearest, but the Klipsch will have noticeably deeper bass. I'd say the Klipsch is a good balance, while the M-Audio wins for pure sound quality (at the expense of some bass capability).
  4. go for teh m-audio, i own it too, and its proberbly the best out of all 3 in terms of sound quality...

    by the way you will get mroe bass over time, when it reaches the break in stage

    i have used mine for well over 6months and there is much more bass, then b4, plus the mids are lot more warmer.
  5. MEgamer, can you explain how that works for speakers? The breaking in stuff- because to me it just sounds like you just get used to it.
  6. Break-in is probably 80% psychological with speakers, honestly. Their sound does change slightly with time, but the majority of the change is you getting used to the sound of the speakers.
  7. i like my bose 321 system. decent bass and crisp sound. cds sound great.
  8. Quote:
    i like my bose 321 system. decent bass and crisp sound. cds sound great.

    I'm sure you think that it does have decent bass. Measurements show otherwise though. Bose is overpriced, and quite mediocre when compared to any decent unit.

    If it's got no highs, and it's got no lows, then it must be bose.
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  10. buy 2 same speakers. the old one, will sound better, and believe me there is quite a good amount of difference between the 2.
  11. The fastest way to break-in the speakers is to leave them on at moderately high levels when the house is empty. This might not be recommended for owners with tube amps but for conventional solid state gear, there are not likely to be heat or instability issues which will harm the amps or the speakers

    You hear differently from day to day depending on atmospheric changes and the condition of your sinuses. As you become accustomed to the speakers and the system, you stop listening to them and listen through to the music.

    When the time comes that you only hear music when you turn the system on, the speakers are broken in, your electronics are broken in and your ears have determined that they really do like what they are hearing.

    the last sentence is improtant.

    your brain can tell u subconsciously, wether its burnin ed or not. usually, by listening fatigue.
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