Acer 5670 wont boot

I have this acer 5670 only thing I know about it was what I can see from the BIOS. I got it with the power cord and computer (Fixing it for someone). Its completely messed up, everything I do results in an error. The computer starts up gets to the acer screen where it asks you if you want to enter setup then after a couple seconds goes to a blank screen and doesn't do anything.

Boot from CD? Wouldn't change order. Had to enable the f12 to select boot device then hit f12 and select IDE 2 (Option to choose CD Rom didnt show up)

Once in the menu I cannot delete any of the partitions, cannot install windows on any of them due to errors (one of them is out of space when it asks to format it first I say yes and it gives me an error, one it says it doesnt recognize the partition and the other one just makes it crash with some sort of setupdd.sys error)

Run windows recovery and it says the path or file specified is not valid.

Yeah, I know not alot of information but w/e I do leads to errors lmao. Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Edit: If I take the windows CD out and select it to boot from IDE 2 using the f12 menu it gets past the acer screen but says

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
Operating system not found.

Reading up on other sites it says to disable network booting in the bios so I did that and it removed the PXE errors but not the operating system not found.
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  1. Can you say "BAD HARD DRIVE"?
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