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Hi All

I have just replaced my existing 40GB HDD with a new 250 Maxtor 7L250S0 250 GB SATA drive. I have an AUS A8N-SLi Primium MB which has worked fine until now. The HDD has been newly built with XP Pro and everything seems OK until I run the ASUS drivers - staight away the HDD starts to either blue screen after a few minutes or fail to boot. I have rebuilt the damn thing three times now and get the same problem each time.

I can boot the machine into safe mode OK and I have run the MAXTOR Powermax utility which says the disk is OK.

Is it worth getting the latest ASUS drivers and/or updating the boards BIOS? Has anybody else had this problem?

Thanks for the help
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  1. Nvidia IDE controller has native support from microsoft drivers, so no drivers are realy necessary. Unless you plan on RAID, then you have to install RAID drivers. NO sata drivers. If you install chipset drivers, you can install the nvidia IDE drivers. While the driver do good with HDD (either SATA or IDE..It is the same controller, only different interface), it can cause problem with some optical drives.

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  2. New ASUS Drivers installed - problem resolved.

    Thanks for the help - as usual, you guys are right on the money.
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