Problem with pc gaming on a bravia 1080p

Hello everyone,

In the last week I build a new pc for gaming and I bought a new 1080p hdtv.

As of now my setup looks like this:

nvidia gtx 460 -mini hdmi to hdmi wire> sony home theater system -hdmi wire> bravia KDL46EX500

I have the latest nvidia drivers.

Everything in windows 7 is set up to 1920x1080p 60hz. And the desktop looks amazing. I also output 5.1 surround sound.

But when I try to launch any game ( I will take left 4 dead as an example) the resolution changes. I notice that the image is pixelated and full of artifacts (but again the windows desktop is absolutely fine when i exit the game!).

In left 4 dead example I try to check out the game options. The only way to make it work properly in true 1080 resolution is if I choose "windowed (no border)" in the l4d game menu. The image is then absolutely perfect, the problem is that not every game has that option.

I tried to make a print screen of my display to show you what the display looks like, but it outputs perfectly in paint without any artifacts ... So I guess it's a problem with my tv.

And just for fun I plugged my graphic card to my tv via vga (with a dvi-vga adaptor) and it works fine. But then I lose the sound via hdmi, and I'd rather have a better video signal than the old vga.

Is there anything I can do?
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