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Dell computer for video and sound editing

hi all, i am planning to get a dell machine which mainly used for video and sound editing purpose for tv commercial.

currently i have the following choices from dell:

1. Dell studio XPS 9100 (525w)
i7-930, 8GB RAM, 1GB ATI RADEON HD 5770

2. Dell studio XPS 8300 (420w?)
i7-2600, 8GM RAM, 1GB ATI RADEON HD 5770

3. Dell Precision T3500
XeonW3530 2.80GHz, 12GB ECC RAM, 1GB NVIDIA Quadro 2000

i'd prefer a match of i7-2600 with a Nvidia GTX470 or 480 but dell do not offer that choices at all... and I am not sure if I can replace the card by myself afterwards as am not sure the PSU is able to support... hence, appreciate advice from you all. thanks! :D
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    Just from the specs you listed and if you have to buy right now
    I would go with number 3 due to larger more stable ram support plus Quadro is designed for workstation graphics rendering (better driver support) also if the board is a dual socket design where you could add another W3530 later that futureproof you.
    I would pick the I7-2600 but with the cougar chipset problem I would be
    worried about problems later.
    If you can hold off a couple of months then go with the I7-2600 build
    when the motherboard problems are worked out.
    Also if this is for professional purposes with money on the line then
    I would look into some of the custom builders like Cyberpower or Boxx
    for example.
  2. edit - just realized the W3530 is a single socket Xeon
  3. 3. Dell Precision T3500
    XeonW3530 2.80GHz, 12GB ECC RAM, 1GB NVIDIA Quadro 2000
    use this one it will run like a champ!
  4. Try a Precision, Graphix options on these ones are good for rendering (including what you aim to do).

    I'd go with an i7, remember it's got 4/8 threads.
    BTW, go with a 2 memory sticks config, in case it crashes, & RAM is the faulty component, it'll be easier to find out. Having only one will make you scratch your head & hesitate between Motherboard or RAM.

    & have a nice build!
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