Secret wireless CCTV camera system

Hey I'm looking for a wireless CCTV camera that can be hidden and viewed through a server Ip in a monitor

If anyone finds one can anyone make sure it also streams audio?

I need this for business purposes at work so can anyone get this sorted for me please?
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  1. they are illegal.
    hiding the camera is only for high-level government psychology work.

    do yourself a favor and put the camera in plain sight with some protection against being destroyed.
    it can prevent crimes before they happen.

    there are licenses available to people that can gladly setup a hidden camera for temporary solutions.
    the idea is to prevent them from remaining hidden for a duration of time.
    roof mounted webcams can go without being seen if the roof is up high enough.

    now.. as to whether the hidden camera is 'local police' illegal or 'lower your credit score secretly' illegal.. it could depend on the local ordinances.

    the attempt to actually provide a camera system.. instead of simply putting the sticker on all of the doors.. that is the final determining factor of a person getting caught or escaping without ever being caught.

    nobody wants you staring at body language until you lose your mind.
    that is part of the license process.

    but dont get me wrong..
    nobody wants to deny your right to set up a camera secretly, they simply dont want the camera to stay there so you could stare at the body language until you go bonkers.

    it truly is one way american terrorist attacks can happen.

    the only time you need a camera in secret is to catch a person in the act who would otherwise not do the same act if they seen the camera.
    and that is usually when it is best to hire some 'firm' or 'organization' or 'company' to setup the camera for you.
    for one..
    they can act as a witness to testify, simply by sending in the video and holding themselves accountable for the data integrity (without ever showing up in the court room at all)

    they can also simply be there to help you breathe (by making it worse sometimes).
    the company doesnt have to call the cops, but chances are.. they are affiliated with the local government anyways.

    things like mental or emotional abuse (or terror) could really see some help as they are discovered.

    sometimes you need a different 'civil status' before you can go about recording people or taking photos without them suing you (and winning).

    asking for help is supposed to keep the situation 'observed' because there is more than one person available for testimony.
    sometimes the judicial system gets stupid and says 'we dont want that situation OBSERVED by more people'
    the truth is in the pudding.. 'testimony' doesnt have to come from a person talking in court.
    it can be an event where simply standing next to another person is providing energy/testimony/strength/confusion.
  2. anwaypasible raises a good point , LEGALITY . i am not sure about the legality but that would be important to find out for many reasons . probably the biggest reason is to protect your self from being sued . a lot of states permit public video and audio recording , but you must notify any one who is being recorded .now each state has it's own unique laws pertaining to audio and video surveillance . now i would like to think that there would be no recourse for a guy who installs camera's on private property , but then again i am not a lawyer and i do not know the law . it might be that risky to use a secretive surveillance of some sort for an honest reason but there is still a chance that any evidence obtained this way is not admissible in any court proceedings depending on the laws where you would be looking to use this device and there may be a civil right that might infringe on.meaning you could be sued!

    so , if you are planning to spend any sizable amount of money for such a device , i would first retain legal advice about what you are intending to do .
  3. ps . all the wireless camera's i have seen sacrifice quality due to being wireless
  4. Won't be illegal unless I run the business? Or
  5. By the way I need it because because I need to be in my office and I need it wireless to see if some of my employees are messing *** up deliberately.
  6. i understand the reasons one might need this sort of thing , but there are legal issues one must be knowledgeable of . seek legal advice from a professional , is my advice to you.
  7. or better yet hire a private investigator
  8. you own the business.. that doesnt matter, as it isnt important.
    it would be the same if you compared owning a business or renting a house with security cameras.

    the important part is telling people they are being recorded, and providing visual proof to those who see the sticker on the front door.

    there is obviously a chance that you could hide a camera behind a corner mirror or any wall mirror.. BUT.. you have to have those other cameras easily visible.
    and those cameras cannot show which way the camera is facing.

    IF you have cameras up that are completely bare and show which angle they are pointing..
    they must cover everything from a corner/angle, and another camera must be installed to capture what the first camera cant capture.

    there are three things that can happen from putting up cameras:
    1. you lose your mind watching body language from a secret camera
    2. you get yourself into trouble for not capturing all of the area
    3. you get oppressed or teased or taunted (somehow abused) by your local government, because the camera that caught the criminal was hidden and the criminal is much more angry because they couldnt see the camera that made them get caught.
    (this is a very truthful chance, and it could boil all the way down to you being an insurance risk for the local police officers and anybody in the prison/court system)

    sometimes you take this advice from an outside source and the local government never-ever realizes the amount of effort you put into setting up your cameras to help with their insurance rates.

    put the cameras up and put them behind some undestructable plastic.. the problems will stop.. or the criminal will come in with masks.
    if you want to capture a criminal.. they might wear a mask anyways.
    so it doesnt really matter if you make your camera visible or if you rely on the cameras outside on street lights or whatever.

    you said you want to catch employee behavior.
    to do that..
    you put up cameras and make them visible.
    then you set them up in a triangle so the person can never-ever rotate and hide what they are doing.

    THEN.. you get permission from your local government to setup a hidden camera that cannot be seen as a camera.
    that way.. if the person is working and tells their boyfriend or girlfriend to come in and spray paint the camera lens..
    you will always have the hidden cameras to capture what happened when the lenses got spray painted.

    if you want to guarantee you get it all.. you need to setup your hidden cameras in a triangle again.

    three point triangles are basic.
    six point triangles are impossible to hide from.
    (but so is a simple square)

    the only problems with a square is when the center in the very middle of the square needs some overhead view to zoom in best.
    that is when you get a very wide angle lens and put it dead in the middle.

    but.. private investigators (or your local government) could sometimes get you a better camera for the hidden areas.
    sometimes better than anything you can buy or build yourself.
    a lot of things that work with pinholes and mirrors are TRASH.. because once the mirror gets dusty or dirty it is ruined and you cant see anything.
    when the camera is right there in your face behind plastic.. you can simply wipe off the plastic and know the camera lens is clean.

    just dont get caught 'admiring' yourself after cleaning the camera lens if the criminal is watching you while being high on LSD.. they could watch your energy and realize there is something very special about the plastic you just cleaned.

    remaining hidden is a life devotional thing.
  9. maybe if you were to have some obvious cameras on the premises and notify every one by signs of these cameras , that might entitle you to legally hide cameras on the premises . there seems to be some laws that do require you to disclose the use of audio video recording devices , but these laws wouldn't necessarily limit the number of cameras or require you to disclose where they were all installed . meaning you could possibly hide cameras legally .

    now some states only reqire you notify some one in public of being audio recorded and not video , and some states say that in public you are fair game to be video recorded ,

    whether or not YOU may secretly record where you RESIDE is not known to me , so you would be wise to seek legal advise before you try this , if you don't i could see there being a loop hole getting this offender off scot-free as a result or you sued .

    in any case i think you would be safe and smart to have 1or2 cameras that are obvious and placed where ever , and do notify the public these are recording , but also have some hidden cameras that aren't obvious , if the matter is not being able to secretly video record well then you aren't being secretive about it are you . you would be sneaky if anything ,but not secretive
  10. national rules are pretty simple and if you cant win locally, you will have to bump up to a higher court room in a different location.

    it is stated like this..
    if you are not willing to put up a sticker and tell people they are being recorded, then you must hire a private investigator.
    not only is this for mental and emotional health, it is also pushing out an industry of video cameras that are supposed to make people feel safe outside.
    the technology exists.. there is no reason to not have it.
    and that is what scares people the most, when the cameras are cheap and easy to install.. but nobody cares to put them in the building.

    if you do agree to put up a sticker.. you dont have to tell them how many cameras there are, and you dont have to tell them where the cameras are.

    there is a huge difference between the legality of using a mounted camera to video record somebody.. compared to holding a portable camera in your hand and recording somebody.
    basically this boils down to the exact principle of..
    if you have the camera mounted.. it is going to be up high and the view is going to be much different than if you were holding a portable camera in your hand.

    recording audio and video from a portable device for 'home-land security' is perfectly legal.
    you really cannot have your right to record taken away until the person you are recording has specifically told you to stop (or has made a public statement asking for the recording to stop, no matter who is recording).

    your local court room might try to tell you something different.. and i would sue them until they hit me with mob action.
    the psychology behind the entire handheld recording is completely obsolete compared to over-head surveillance.
    yes.. a person could build a mild crush from re-watching the video.. but it isnt possible to go insane without some serious chemical defect already present (and thus known).
    a person could watch over-head surveillance cameras until the body language and 'weird' camera angle starts to actually begin those chemical defects.

    XXX to a movie all alone is completely opposed to creating a serial killer from watching surveillance footage for too long without enough life experience (especially in the body language areas).

    any local court room that tries to throw out your audio as bad evidence.. they will listen to it first.. or they are completely pathetic and simply working under a policy that instructs them to treat you unfair and make you upset, to see if you appeal the judge's decision.
    evidence is exactly that.. evidence.
    nobody gives a damn where it comes from as long as it is legit.
    because the highest forms of the government leaders respect and appreciate the ability to obtain that evidence much easier nowadays.
    they wouldnt want their cameras or microphones to be broken.. thus the only humane decision is to allow other peoples camera and microphones to record that data.
    a government's job is to keep you healthy from things you havent learned about yet.
    going insane from body language does happen every year, and it doesnt always happen from a video.. it could be realized face to face where the other person is seriously in some danger if things go badly.

    most local governments will take the money from people who dont know anybody because they are hunting for the smartest people of the bunch that come into the courthouse.
    if the person knows what they are talking about.. the excessive fines will stop and the court will actually listen.
    and if you go far, you might get offered a job or some diplomacy of affiliation.

    obviously the recession is here and has really happened.
    those bad feelings have to come from somewhere.
    my guess is.. there has been a lot of policies to treat stupid people very badly in the court room.
    the whole system is setup to ask you ONE question..
    how much do you love yourself?
    if you fail to answer that question.. they take your money and put you in jail.

    there comes a time when the undercover agents and all of the secret service people in the local area come together and there are attorneys and lawyers and judges that can actually run and convict people using the judicial system without actually being in a court room.
    places like the navy, the marines, etc..
    they can train a person to be at one of these 'partys' to fill the role of attorney or lawyer or judge or secretary or trustee or bodyguard or moderator.

    most people really hate it when the local government doesnt have enough self-respect to save their own lives.. and then you have to pay more money to have the case reviewed by a respectable court room (and i would think any of those appeal courts are a guess/gamble as to if they are going to help you or treat you exactly the same)

    a lot of the tax talk about the economy needs to focus on issues like the court room policies.
    it has been a long time tradition.. if you dont know any better, you wont get treated like you do know better.
    two wrongs dont make a uniform system, ever.

    it has led to a bunch of people who are hot and angry.. pretending like they know all of the laws, when they really have no idea they are angry about right from wrong.
    and the government is simply sitting around waiting for some 'angel' to come save the day by answering all of their questions with the correct answer.

    it might seem like a lot of extra to read.. but you dont want this swarm of problems to come your way, all because you wanted to get some information answered to make you feel better.
    a private investigator will tell you..
    if you have a feeling or urge, go with that feeling.. because it is natural and should lead you to safety (unless you do things backwards with dyslexia).

    i am happy to tell you what to avoid and why.
    telling you why something is the way it is.. that is easy too.
    dont think your private investigator time is going to run out.
    just be afraid they dont let you see the recordings, and if something happens.. they wont tell you about it.
    you could always get an extension for the service.
    and if you license it as a business for your employees.. perhaps the contract between you and a private investigator could last for the entire duration you are in business.

    things become important.
    if the private investigator is well known for being honest.. that is really going to help you keep your contract for a long time.
    when nobody knows who the private investigator is, and they do have a license.. the government might not care because there isnt enough positive reviews about the private investigator.. and the government would step in and tell you that you cannot renew the contract.
    it might look like you are in trouble..
    but it could be the private investigator that is in trouble.
    (there are two sides to every story)

    i think if you wanted it bad enough.. you would have went out there and did it without asking anybody or saying anything to anybody.
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