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Hello, I purchased this laptop over a week ago and recently on two occassions noticed fuzzy wave like fuzzy display on my screen. This occured in the bios, on boot log messages and windows. However, its been fine four days now. The manufacturers are saying I should wait till it happens again then record it with a camcorder. They say otherwise they would only be able to speculate on the problem. For example cross talk in cables connecting the video card etc. I am thinking for such an expensive laptop I should't have cables with insulation problems.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding this problem. I have 3 years warranty on this but since I live outside the USA, I have to pay for shipping. Would you advise to send it back straight away or wait till it happens again. Do you think a minor drop might have caused this?

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  1. Wait until it happens again, and yes, a minor drop can cause what you're experiencing. I'm thinking that there's an issue with your GPU.
  2. I take it that it is still under warranty, so even if you cannot document the event, I'm sure that there is a way to send it in and have it looked at if it persists. Like r_manic said, I also suspect that it is an issue with the GPU. Perhaps it is a faulty card. Also, after the laptop has been on awhile, see if the issue occurs after it has had time to heat up to operating temperature- it could indeed indicate an issue with a poorly insulated cable.
  3. Hi guys and thanks for the replies. The problem ( or maybe lack of ) is that since the initial manifestation of the problem it has not occured at all. This is about ten days ago. Everything else seems fine. And yes, the manufacturer agrees that I should wait till the problem occures again then record on on cam corder. There would have been no point to have sent it in without any evidence.

    Yes, I do have 3 years warranty.

    When you say CPU do you mean it has popped out of its slot?
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