Tv interference and slow internet

my tv is fuzzy mostly when playing games on xbox e.g when playing call of duty the bushes trees luck static and fuzzy and flickering its hard to explain but when i mess about with power cables like change to a different socket its perfect and crisp for a few hours then its starts to get fuzzy like before it looks like ps2 graphics ive also tried switching tv but it looks the same its not my xbox because ialso have a ps3 its the same, my internet alo is very bad like jittery and hard to killpeople
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  2. are we supposed to ask you what the hell you have that is causing such interference?

    do you know everything in the house that can/does let out interference?

    i dont see why changing the plug made the static go away.. but then it came back.
    have you been sued, and now prosecuted? lol
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