Does the first year of a dell 2 year warranty overlap the manufacturers one year

Hello, I purchased a 2 year warrenty from Dell for my daughter's mini inspiron laptop and the laptop had of course already a 1 year manufacturers warrenty. Now the laptop has a fault on it and they are saying that the warrenty has run out due to the fact that the first year of the warrenty, they say, over lapped with the maunfacturers warrenty and so instead of running from January 2009 to January 2012 in ran out this January. Surely this cannot be justified y Dell. Why would I want to pay for a year's warrenty already covered for free?
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  1. Usually, when you buy a 2 year warranty, it includes the first year.
  2. Thank you for kindly replying. But surely if you already a one year's warrenty, why would you pay for something that you already have been given free as part of the purchase for the product. I have previously purchased a lap top for my son where the extended warrenty did not 'kick in' until after the manufacturer's warrenty had expired.
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