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OK, I'm in the market for a FULL keyboard (need a number pad) that is wireless with a range of about 20-30 feet. I would like it to be rechargeable (ideally lithium) and I'd like a rechargeable wireless mouse as well.

I've seen the DiNovo from Logitech, whiuch would be perfect if it only had a number pad... anyone know of anything that might work for me?
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  1. Oh - I'd prefer bluetooth, but would be fine with RF/USB as long as it had the required range
  2. Oh, and lastly, by rechargeable, I don't mean just rechargeable batteries, but an actual docking station of some kind where the keyboard/mouse can recharge
  3. Greetings!

    I work for DSI, and we have a few options that might be suitable for you. The only thing though, is that non of our keyboards are rechargeable like you've mentioned. They do last for a decent amount of time though from one set of batteries (normally 3-4 months w/good batteries).

    Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.



    Have a good one!
  4. Took a look at your keyboards before... they are nice, but really need rechargeable...

    Decided to simply keep my old wired keyboard/mouse, and got a Logitech DiNovo Edge for the couch - it's not quite ideal, but works fine... maybe in a couple of years, someone will make what I require :)
  5. Sounds good. Have a good one!
  6. Retail Plus has a notebook mouse set with that RF rechargeable station. Anyone know if it's any good? That isn't a brand I'd normally consider but it looked interesting at least and the mouse is smaller than most. Seems adequate for a notebook mouse.
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