Can't Activate Windows 7 After Changes to Motherboard

I have a Gateway FX6801-05 which originally had Wiindows Vista installed. I purchased a complete Windows 7 ultimate (not upgrade, not OEM) from eBay. I wiped the disk then installed and verified it without a hitch. Automatic updates has been working fine.

Yesterday I changed some things around on my motherboard. When I booted Windows 7 Ultimate, which has been installed on my computer for several years now, it reported that my copy of Windows was invalid. Apparently the motherboard remembered the OEM Vista product number. I tried reauthorization both on the web and by phone using my new product key of Windows 7. The phone reauthorization doesn't even allow me to talk with a support person.

Did I really buy an unauthorized Windows 7 ultimate, or is something weird going on here because VISTA OEM was originally installed on this computer?
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  1. When you make enough changes to a system, windows will recognize it as a new system, and lock out the product key as invalid.

    You have to call Microsoft and simply tell them that you've made some changes, or that the motherboard failed. They will give you new authorization. I've had to do this about 5 or so times over the years.

    I'm not sure what options you need to choose, but you can and need to talk with a person.

  2. njxc500,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I attempted a phone reauthorization. There were no options to talk with someone.

    Do you have a phone number?
  3. the automated system works well. Choose other activation options when activating and the number will be on the screen
  4. booger007 said:
    the automated system works well. Choose other activation options when activating and the number will be on the screen

  5. The Windows 7 Ultimate disc was a pirated copy. I bought it on eBay. I'm out $100.00. :fou:

  6. Contact microsoft. I had a friend that did that, he contacted microsoft and they told him they would send him a replacement kit if he sent in his pirated copy of windows. Trust me i watched that video with him after he found out. I told him to just buy a OEM copy.. but Noo he kept asking me would this copy he paid 130$ for on ebay be better... Its ultimate its ultimate he said.. I said whatever buy it. Now he kinda blames me, whatever I know i told him so..
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  8. Area 51 is right. ebay has policies that keep them from having to pay for these things so = no refund
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