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i have a microsoft comfort optical 3000 usb mouse. I have noticed that whenever a mobile phone goes near it or i have an imcoming call or text it decides to disconnect itself and then reconnect itself. sometimes it disconnects and stays disconnected in which case i have to unplug the usb and plug it back in.

this is a wierd problem which i can seem to find any solution to other than moving my phone off my desk which is more of an inconvenience than anything else.

im wondering if the mouse is reacting to interference from the phone, but if it is there would be other documnented cases of this happening right? or maybe theres some sort of mouse poltergesit trying to freak me out by disconnecting my mouse everytime i get a phone call (an answer from another forum, wont be visiting that place again).

id be greatful for any sort of solution or explanation.

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  3. Maybe, but doubtful, the usb u plug into is a wireless card that is effected by somekinda freqency from cell phones. doubtful, but in any case hit up the mircosoft forums. give them the problem mouse model and your hardware specs.
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