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Ok, first of all, i'm not sure how to properly explain this, because it's confusing, but i'll try my best and if any more information is needed please let me know!

So, I bought this packard bell laptop preinstalled with windows 7 from pc world in September. And for as long as I can remember, i'm having issues with sound. Not huge issues, small issues that are really annoying.

What basically happens is, when i play music or any other sound, it plays fine, clearly, through my speakers and headphones (tested both), but every 30 seconds or so, it makes a buzzing noise that lasts around 2-3 seconds (sometimes longer, will be explained), and during those 2-3 seconds, my computer basically freezes. I can't move my mouse until the buzzing stops. This only happens when sound is played. I've had it tested and the sound card proved to be fine, so i'm not sure what the issue could be.

Occasionally, the buzzing would last forever, until I have to hold the power button down on my laptop, because I can't move the mouse/do anything, this happens rarely though, its more of a 2-3 second thing.

Some information about my speakers/drivers:

It's a packard bell easynote tx86 go 35 uk, installed with:

Conexant High Definition Audio, and Intel (R) Display Drivers (According to device manager)
It has Dolby Home Theater featured on the speakers
On the control panel, according to the playback audio devices, it has: S/PDIF interface, a long with just "Speakers", both powered by the Conexant High Defintion Audio drivers. No clue what the S/PDIF interface's role is.

If any more information on drivers/speakers are needed i'll do my best to provide.

I've also done a reformat, to no avail, and have tried uninstalling my sound drivers, and installing the ones from packard bell's official website, also to no avail, so am really cringing for help.

Thanks alot in advance, and if any more information is needed, please ask.
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  1. You seem to have done the usual and normal things to correct this problem.

    What does Packard Bell tech support have to say to this? It may have happened to others and tech support may have a solution that is not obvious.
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