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Hiya, i am looking to buy a small 10" screen laptop that will hold my music as well as allow me to play the sims 3 and also internet and college work.

Any suggestions on a good laptop? i don't have a huge budget but i know that the sims 3 needs a high spec laptop to run without interuptions. any suggestions would be helpful thanks you :)
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  1. How much your budget?

    Many laptops under $900 aren't nice for gaming(since they are integrated graphic card)...
  2. i only have around £300 to spend. i don't mind if it isn't the best quality i just really want to play it lol :D
  3. hmm... i couldn't help u, i'm sorry.
    With that budget, u maybe can buy a netbook (with 10" screen, right?) but netbook aren't for gaming at all, and of course they are integrated gpu also really weak.
    As i know, SIMS 3 is "HEAVY" game, u could try to install it to your friend's laptop and see it 4 yourself how is the performance....
  4. Here's the minimum requirement for SIMS 3:

    I think any medium specs laptop is strong enough to play it...
    Try it on your friend's laptop first to make sure....
  5. thanks very much will try this. thanks you :D x
  6. You welcome.
    Post again if you had question or trouble.
    People here will be happy to help u... :)
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