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I have gotten another dish network dish to use in my camper. In talking with Dish they said I can use my reciever with this dish. Acordding to the book it sounds like all I have to do is hook the dish to the reciver and point the dish. Have tried this and don't even get a tone. Does anyone know if anythig else is needed or am I doing something wrong. Thanks for your help
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  1. Yes, you need to know where to point the dish.
    Somewhere there is a chart that tells you at what angle the sat. is at with respect to your lattitude. The dish should have a small gauge that measures the angle.
    Set that first. now point it in the direction of the sat. (SW or SSW)
    You may have to reset the signal meter after every adjustment. (movement)
    Now adjust the direction in 1 degree increments until you get some signal.
    Now just fine tweak. Oh and don't forget the big rock to hold it against the wind.
    Alo you need a clear view. ( doesn't work thru trees.)
    A compass will line you up east to west.
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